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P3fax intelligently sets Windows Admin users as P3fax admin users
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When run on a system that is part of a domain which uses Active Directory, P3fax can contact to the Active Directory server and use the system’s user list to authenticate users.
When P3faxV2 is first installed and Active Directory support is enabled, there is no need to create or import users. Instead, users can log on straight away with their Windows login details saving the administrator’s time.
P3fax also intelligently sets Windows Admin users as P3fax admin users so trusted members of the domain will automatically have access to the administration tools they need within P3fax.

When users click on the new message button, a new window will appear in their browser. Similar to other mail clients the new window will allow users to look through their folders, and review other messages, without affecting the message they are working on.
As well as viewing items with the preview pane, users are able to double click on messages and view them in a new window – allowing easy comparison between two messages. Each opened window comes with its own toolbar, users can forward and reply to messages (amongst other functions) without having to return to the main program window.

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